Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Gorge Challenge - quick report

Wow - what a wild and windy weekend. Three days of racing, twenty-five heats in slalom and formula. Then into the car and down to San Francisco for Nationals.

I came in 3rd overall, behind Bruce Peterson and Chris Prior. The event was really well organized, the courses were fun, and the racing was intense. If I'm not tuned up for Nationals now...

Lots of highlights; I'll post some analysis later, but here are some Clif notes:
  • Day 1 - started out with really lit Formula racing; switched to slalom. Then conditions got a little flukey - I ended up winning a slalom heat on Formula gear.
  • Day 2 - super windy, so we ran a couple formula heats, then did 10 slalom races. Epic.
  • Day 3 - full schedule of Formula. Very powered up, and great racing. Ended the day on a bullet - nice way to go into Nationals.
  • The juniors were a delight - fun to race with, and really stoked.

Scotia organized a flawless event and took great care of us. Darren ran excellent RC on the water. Pictures and results here. Thanks again to Dave Frazier for making pictures available, and thanks to Scotia (and Jackie, for being her helper) and Darren. And to Bruce, who (while helping half the beach tune their sails and fix their stuff, and spreading local knowledge around, lent me a slalom board since mine needed some repair).

Now on to Nationals at the St. Francis!

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bry said...

cool update man. fyi, cliff notes has two 'f's. see you on the water at nationals.

first day of racing yesterday. light breeze by san francisco bay standards with most people on 10m sails. seth besse, who's dr forbid him to sail (due to a recently dislocated shoulder from slalom training), is winning the event. second place is going to hansen sailor ben bamer. listen to interviews with seth, ben, olympic hopeful denise parris, steve bodner, learn why mike zajichek is not racing and other fun windsurfing stories...

podcast here: