Sunday, July 29, 2007

Getting ready...

That picture is one of my Formula fins, in the process of cleaning it up after changing it from a +6 rake to a +8. I've been running them tilted forward a bit all season and been happy with the result, so I'm now committing to it by removing the extra bit of base that was sticking out at the back of the box. That should make a wee bit of difference on drag - hey, every 1/100 of a knot counts, right? ;)

Coming up next weekend is the 3-day NRT race (and FE North Americans) in Hood River, followed by the US Nationals in San Francisco Tuesday through Saturday. So the Mackes are going on a family road trip, spending a long weekend in the Gorge, then visiting family in the Bay Area while dad gets to indulge his racing bug. Other than all that fin tuning, I've been spending some time this weekend on other odds and ends, doing a little trailer maintenance, and hunting for camping gear for the weekend in the Gorge.

Can't wait for the flag to drop!

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PeconicPuffin said...

When you tilt the fin in the box, do you worry at all about the fin base on the "shallow" side (the front, in this case) leaving space for air bubbles to catch and induce spinout?