Thursday, August 16, 2007

US Nationals - Multimedia frenzy

Some good stuff from the Nationals:

Bryan McDonald's podcast after the slalom - fun to hear Bill Weir's point of view (for one, he used three sails to my one).

An article in the SF Chronicle.

Some video from the slalom, courtesy of Paul Beulow:

This one's an interview with Jim Kiriakis on the SF local news:

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USA 4 Steve Bodner said...

Well I can say one thing- the SF sailors sure know how to use the internet as a tool to promote the sport with podcast, blogs, youtube videos and tons of photos.
Here are some more links as well:
credit Paul Buelow
Day 5 course racing
day 4 slalom racing
day 3 long distance
day 1-2 course racing
shawn davis gallery
chris ray photos
chuck lantz photos
KTUV video
sail mag blog spot

and of course a collection of all the photos at

Thanks for coming down and racing with us Andreas- you put up a good fight in course and slalom and represent the PAC NW proudly!