Wednesday, August 8, 2007

US Nationals - Day 1

Whoa - rough day at the office. Looks like my speed is there, but my angle is off. It was flooding like crazy, so footing was not a good strategy for making the windward mark reliably - I got myself pinched or sat on several times, having to double-tack the windward mark several times. 3rd race was a bit better, since I had a bit of time for tuning after the second (1 and 2 were run back to back). Looks like my setup was very much optimized for smooth Gorge swell.

The course was fairly long, with three laps of WW/LW and a downwind finish. Seth is dominating so far, with Ben Bamer giving him a real run for his money. Results so far are here. Only one throwout for the first ten races - this will be interesting.

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