Thursday, July 19, 2007

Welcome Bellingham Athletic Club!

Physical fitness is a key factor in improving my performance on the water, aside from being simply a good idea to contribute to overall health and well-being. While I've lived by that for a while, I've decided to focus more on this factor and step it up a few notches. There is only so much time I can realistically spend on the water practicing given the sometimes fickle conditions, the demands of my job, and the time I want to spend with my family. Improving my physical conditioning will help me make the most of that precious time.

I'm excited to be working with the team at Bellingham Athletic Club. BAC is more than just a gym with state of the art equipment - there are two great facilities, a wide spectrum of classes and programs designed to challenge every aspect of fitness, and a staff of experienced fitness professionals to help you make the most of all those resources. I'm looking forward to taking my strength, core, and balance training to a new level, while adding in some fun cross training - starting with some yoga and tai chi.

The club is far from typical for the industry - the emphasis in on helping members enjoy healthy and active lifestyles and experience the joy of movement. You can feel that energy when you interact with the staff, and if you look through the staff bios, you'll notice that there's very little turnover here; it's about long term, sustainable success rather than the latest fad - a philosophy that really strikes a chord with me.

Thanks for the support!

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