Monday, March 12, 2007

New home for the blog - where have all the comments gone?

A while back, I realized that my blog has become invaded by spambots spewing comments all over the place. Since I really didn't care too much for hosting all kinds questionable offers, I went through the database and deleted all the spam, then disabled posting of comments until I could figure out how to use some sort of 'living human' test. In the meantime, I discovered blogspot, which is a service provided by google. Lots of nice functionality, very easy to use. So I moved all my archived posts over here. I may at some point move it into my own domain (that's actually supported - all it takes is forwarding a subdomain); in the meantime, though, this will be my blog's home. The link from my website now leads here, and if I do choose to move the blog back into my domain, I'll keep that link updated as well.

Unfortunately, moving comments over (i.e., the legitimate ones left after I deleted the garbage) hasn't worked out yet. I'll see if I can figure that out at some point. In the meantime, commenting is enabled again, using one of those little 'type the text in the picture' tests to make sure the commenter is a human being. I'd rather not have to worry about moderating comments, but the software offers that option in case the spammers have found a way to defeat that mechanism.

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