Friday, July 16, 2010

2010 Sailworks Junior Clinic

What a great bunch of kids - Bruce put on his annual junior clinic today, shortened to one day due to this year's compressed racing schedule with Nationals in SF next week. It was cranking windy this morning, making for epic slalom conditions - and the kids just ate it up. Tons of jibing practice; with a kid-to-coach ratio around 2:1 or so, there was lots of opportunity to interact, and there was some marked improvement and lots of learning. After lunch, things slowed down a lot with the breeze becoming really patchy, so we were all glad we got out on the water early. These kids will all be racing in the Gorge Cup tomorrow, and unlike us coaches, they'll of course be fully recovered ;)

Kudos to Bruce for the time and effort he put into this - it's definitely a great service to the future of the sport. These kids rock - and most of them will be at Nationals next week. Can't wait to see them continuing to excel!

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