Monday, April 12, 2010

Rites of spring

First session of the season in short sleeves; always a big deal here in the Pacific Northwest. Amazing how much more agile one feels without all the extra neoprene. Made me downright adventurous - ended up doing tacking and jibing drills for well over an hour to shake off that rusty conservative winter mode. Tired now; time for a well-refrigerated barley beverage...


bil7y said...

Meanwhile in San Francisco its Hailing and freezing cold. Ironic - yes. Hey you had mentioned I needed to summarize waterhound well coincidentally toady was the first edition of my newsletter! Secondly you could enter this session report on my site and be eligible for 50 bucks and all you have to do is copy paste! Just thought I'd share. Looking forward to seeing you on the water!

G-42 said...

Just saw the newsletter - nice work.

Oh, we've had our share of hail and sleet - weekend before last, I found myself at a severe loss on how to motivate my daughter's soccer team given that there were 6" deep puddles on the field and it was alternating between hail and sleet, with the only constant being that it was going sideways. I settled on laughter - probably not what "Coaching for Dummies" would have recommended.

Hey, do you still have your 61, and are you looking to sell it?