Sunday, March 2, 2008

Sweet Saturday

Got up early, got some work done and still was able to get down to the bay by sunrise. Perfect formula conditions for the 9.9. Sailed up to the South tip of Eliza Island and noticed a pronounced shift in the breeze, from SSE to SSW. Uhoh..., I thought, as that can often indicate a fading breeze here due to the convergence of battling post-frontal clearing winds from the Straits of San Juan (SW) and the Straits of Georgia (NW). Started my downwinder thinking I might end up slogging back a good part of the way - to be surprised and delighted with clearing skies and the SSW filling in nice and solid. The ensuing ride back was just perfection, with solid breeze, the sun sparkling off the water, the views spectacular, and to cap it all, a bunch of porpoises doing their dance in mid-bay adding to the exhilaration. Back home by 9, in time to have breakfast with the family and then go to the gym to share a workout with my wife.