Thursday, February 14, 2008

Flying the foils


Last week, I had this rather nice and unremarkable session on Bellingham Bay. I started out with 10.8 and a "big" Finworks 70cm (more on the rather excellent Finworks foils in a future post soon), having plenty of power to plane and push it up or downwind at significant angles in all of 8-10 knots. Then the breeze started increasing to 12-15, and I changed fins down to a "smaller" 70cm. Worked like a charm.

My friend Dale McKinnon came out for a row and brought her camera (she was the the one to take the picture - thanks Dale!) - which was instantly rewarded with the until-then sunny conditions turning misty and dark. At this point, it was gusting into the low twenties, and I was seriously overpowered (the pic above was shot from behind the protection of a dock; the waterstate outside in the Bay no longer permitted sailing in any kind of control, and she would not have been able to take the hands off the oars for even a minute to pick up her camera out there).

I like this shot - it shows you just how efficient Formula gear can be in terms of reducing wetted surface (and drag).

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